giovedì 11 aprile 2013

Kawaii Fair 2013 + Freebies

Skin- [:ME:] Azuka Milk Skintone (Spring01) @Kawaii Fair 2013
Jewells for Eyes- ^;^CaTwA^;^/Gayaa/jeweled eye shadow V2 /Pack New
Necklace- ((Crystal Line))Diamond Petit Necklace-Pear New
Earrings- ((Crystal Line))Diamond Petit pierce-Pear set New
Bracelets- *** Just You Jewels ***  @Kawaii Fair 2013
Crown- ~SB~ Kawaii fair gift <3 - Princess crow-Rhinestoned heart-pinkFree @Kawaii Fair 2013
Rings- ...:: Bens Beauty ::.. Melissa Ring Pink Gold New
Nails- :FY: Kawaii Nails @Kawaii Fair 2013
Top Mesh- [:ME:] Azuka Kawaii Outfit (Pink) @Kawaii Fair 2013
Skirt Mesh- [:ME:] Azuka Milk Skintone (Spring01) @Kawaii Fair 2013
Shoes/Socks Mesh- ~SB~ Kawaii fair: Kawaii pumps with socks @Kawaii Fair 2013

Thanks Designers for the Support

*Photo and Graphic by Kyle Chiantelle*

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