giovedì 6 agosto 2015

❤ My Little Pony ❤

Skin-.::WoW Skins::. Nour Milk FATPACK New
Hair-[^.^Ayashi^.^] Kazuko hair @The Gacha Garden
Pony-*HolliPocket* My Wittle Ponehs @The Gacha Garden
Top-*HolliPocket* Flutter Luvs Tops-RARE  @Mesh Body Addicts Fair
Skirt/Hairclip/Wings-*HolliPocket* Flutter Luvs Skirt+Acces-RARE @Mesh Body Addicts Fair
Socks-*HolliPocket* Lace Me Up Ribbons-Full Pocket @Mesh Body Addicts Fair
Shoes-Bens Boutique - Yolande High Heels (SlinkHigh) - Fatpack(G)New
Hands/Feet-Slink   Ty Slink

Thanks Designers for the Support
 *.*Photo and Graphic by Kyle Chiantelle*.*

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