lunedì 25 giugno 2012

Hunt-Gift-Not Free

Shape and Skin- Panda Punx Alyce  Medium Skin Pink Frost- Cleav No Free

Top and Pants Mesh- [LIV-Glam] Summer 2012 Members Gift 001 {Mesh} Free

Skin- *JeSyLiLO*GroupGiftSkin*Summer Free (  Join Free )

Top and Pants Mesh- [LIV-Glam]Summer 2012 Members Gift 002 {Mesh} Free

Necklace- MHOH7 - #25 - K!NG   ( free join group MAKE HIM OVER HUNT )

Earrings- ELUZION* Xoana Earrings Free

Mouth pearls- GIFT  ELUZION * Maki Mouth Pearls Free

Thanks designer for the support

 ( Panda Punx )

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