martedì 19 marzo 2013

PoPtArT StyLe

Poses- :: Focus Poses   Model 101   ::
Skin- *Anymore :::GENESIS:::cream @Skin Fair 2013 - Sim 2  Ty Luciana Button
Unicorn- {PopTart} Unicorn Horns Gacha - Bubblegum
Sweater Mesh- {PopTart} Yuki Sweater (Cloudy Cupcakes)
Skirt Mesh- {PopTart} Denim Mesh Skirts (Fatpack) - ripped denim
Claws-{PopTart} Brass Knuckle Claws Gacha - Pink
Boots- {PopTart} Chibi Winged Boots (PinkWing/PolkaPnk) RARE. New

Thanks Designers for the Support

*Photo and Graphic by Kyle Chiantelle*

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